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                                                                Retiree Activities Offices

Retiree activities offices are made up of volunteers from all services including surviving spouses. Their charter is to coordinate, establish and staff an office on an active-duty, reserve or guard base through command channels that will assist retirees with myriad actions. These actions include: serving as an information center for space-available travel, Tricare, base services, etc; offering referrals for financial-assistance and pay matters; counseling active-duty Airmen nearing retirement; and providing literature on retirement issues. Another major activity involves working with base agencies to set up Retiree Activity Day events offering flu shots by base medical personnel, briefings by different base agencies on respective services, tax preparation and advice, staff judge advocate assistance, base tours, etc

* Tricare Prime Enrollment Fees increase  for retirees 1 October 2014. Click here for details
* Tricare Prime participants must live within a 40 mile radius of an approved military facility effective 1 October 2014. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

The Fall/Winter 2014 electronic version of the Afterburner is now available on line.
Click here to access the paper               

* New Retail Pharmacy/Mail in Pharmacy Prices as of 1 February 2015
Mail (90 Day Supply):
Formulary generic: FREE
Formulary brand: $16
Nonformulary: $46
Network Retail Pharmacies (30 Day Supply):
Formulary generic: $8
Formulary brand: $20
Nonformulary: $47
Non-Network Retail Pharmacies (30 Day Supply):
Costs vary based on your plan. Get more details

* TRICARE Reduces Home Delivery Pharmacy Co-Pays, MORE.......

* Monthly Electronic Retiree Account Statements/Tax Statements are now available on My Pay. Click on the following link to access your monthly statement:

* The Federal Benefits for Veterans Handbook, 2014 Edition,is now available on line in PDF view the Handbook Click Here      (10/11/2014)

* Final Regulation on Infectious Diseases Related to Service in Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan:On September 29, 2010, VA published the final regulation establishing
nine infectious diseases as related to military service in Southwest Asia beginning with the first Gulf War on August 2, 1990 through the conflict in Iraq and starting September 19, 2001 in Afghanistan. Eligible Veterans may receive health care and disability compensation for these diseases. CLICK HERE for details
*Veterans with Thailand Service:Vietnam-era Veterans who served in Thailand on or near the perimeters of military bases may have been exposed to herbicides and may qualify for VA benefits. Learn more.
* New Preauthorization Requirements for Skilled Nursing Facilities:Effective May 1, 2010 TRICARE for Life (TFL) requires preauthorization for Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) care once TFL becomes the primary payer.


The House and Senate have have agreed to another TEMPORARY fix for the the 25% plus cut in Medicare and TRICARE payments to doctors that will expire Jan, 31 2015.


* AGENT ORANGE CHANGES: ATTENTION ALL VIETNAM VETERANS AND WIDOWS OF VIETNAM VETERANS -If you set foot in VN between 1962 to 1975 you and/or your widow may be eligible for compensation for the 3 new diseases attributable to Agent Orange.They are ischemic heart disease (also known as coronary heart disease); Parkinson's disease; and B-cell leukemia. You should file a service disability claim if you are suffering from any of these diseases. If you are a widow you should also file a claim if your husband's death was either caused by, or linked to, one of the 3 diseases. Then you need to file a claim for Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and burial expenses of $2,000.

.CLICK HERE for further details.




              RAO DIRECTOR


It is most important to check our home page for the latest information. COLA for 2015 is 1.7%

                               COLA WATCH


                    BASE CPI FOR COLA

                2012 3RD QTR AVG     226.936

                2013 3RD QTR AVG     230.325

              2014 3RD QTR AVG     234.242

JAN 2015-0.7 228.294
FEB 20150.5229.421
MAR 2015 0.7231.055
APR 20151.2 231.520
MAY 2015
JUN 2015
JUL 2015
AUG 2015
SEP 2015
OCT 2015
NOV 2015

DEC 2015



COLA for 2014 is +1.5%





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